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Mister Twister 5” Curly Tail is a big wide undulating tail on a larger volume grub body culminating in a 5 inch bait. The 5CT Curly Tail compliments the imposing selection offered by the company that invented the original Curly Tail, the lure that started the plastics revolution. A favorite size and style for bass anglers, a great walleye and pike bait as well. The wider tail takes very little current or speed of retrieve to attract attention. The larger volume body makes for a more visible and tempting mouthful for your target species.
Catching more fish more often!
310 Black Chartreuse Tail
05N Blue Gill
7BKS10 Smoke Black Chartreuse Tail
10S Chartreuse Silver Flake
1P Pearl
14RBK Watermelon Seed