Minu Tube

Red/Pearl/Smoke Flake

Brand:  Mister Twister
Product Code:  TCMT91P7S

The Mister Twister 1-½ “ Tri color minitube is sized perfectly for Trout, Panfish / Perch, Crappie or finesse
presentations for Bass & Walleye. Take advantage of the hollow body to rig it with a 1/8 oz jig head or any way
you prefer. Fish love them. 6 proven colors.

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Patrick Campeau

Professional angler, instructor and promoter, columnist for the Journal de Montreal daily and 12 other papers.
“THE original Curly tail was developed by Mister Twister. The new 3” Meeny curly tail colors including neon pink 61S and neon blue 51S produced solid hook ups and big fish for me.”

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