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The VIE Shiner is a 1 ¾” minnow designed by guides and tournament anglers. The vertical twin paddle tails displace more water, create more vibration, and impart an extreme swimming action. Colour choices include both laminated and multi- colour. The VIE Shiner is extremely versatile offering multiple rigging options including; jigging, trolling behind an attractor spoon, like the Lake Clear Wabbler or Geneva or for drop-shotting.
Catching more fish more often!
51P0S Bleu, Pearl & Clear Silver Flake Tail
310 Black & Chartreuse tail
31 White Pearl & Black back
3610S Black, Pink & Chartreuse tail
58BK0S Blue, Orange with Black Flake & Clear Silver Flake tail
N3RS10P Black with Red Flake & Chartreuse tail